People look on at the humanoid robot Pepper, designed by Japanese and French companies. Credit: Getty Images Behold Pepper, your new humanoid overlord.
Credit: Getty Images

Siri is cool and all, but no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to form an emotional connection with the dang thing. You can ask about the weather, emotional states and even God and, still, nothing. Thank goodness there is a robot coming to market that is all about getting friendly with humans.

Japanese tech firm SoftBank and French humanoid designer Alderbaran have just unveiled Pepper, a friendly lil robot with a heart of, um, gold. It is powered by something they are calling an "emotional engine." In layman’s terms that just means that dear old Pepper understands emotional states and can respond accordingly.

If you are in the market for a helpful and kind robot to hang out with, you’ll be able to purchase Pepper in February for around $1,900. Unfortunately, due to the bot’s lack of a digestive system, it cannot share those morbid pints of Ben & Jerry’s with you. Maybe in the next iteration.


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