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8:27 p.m.
A cluster of blonde models who look like mini Donatellas have walked onto the runway and all I can think of is that old Sixties pin-up Barbarella. Imagine that character dressed in late Nineties Tom Ford-era Gucci, and you get an idea of how this collection is shaping up.

8:33 p.m.
The Mods are back. The opening hyper-saturated red and blue show openers have transition into a lineup that is a little Mod and a little Eighties, with a few military details in the form of epaulets and brass buttons mixed in. But above all else, this girl is a bombshell — this is Versace, in case you’ve forgotten — even when she’s completely covered up in a turtleneck, fur bomber and long trousers. The sex is in the details: the leather that snakes its way up the legs on a pair of suede trousers and flashes a sliver of skin in the process, the flesh-baring cut-outs on a pair of thigh-high boots, and the gold brass buttons that sit just under the breastbone of an otherwise perfectly modest black long sleeve dress. The show's best moments were a ribbed mink, Sgt. Pepper style bandleader jacket in varying shades of blue and a black tuxedo, tricked out in brass at the shoulders, that looked like the kind of thing I imagine Prince might have hanging in his closet. Like I said, a little Sixties, and a little Eighties.


The scene
Editors running on fumes after a long day and Milanese scensters dressed up for one of the week’s biggest shows.

The playlist
A mash-up of Eighties hits including Chaka Khan and Prince.

The major trends
Mod, swinging sixties shapes.

What this will mean for your wardrobe
A more confident, sexual slice of the Sixties to buy into.

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