We know his stance on national security. We've heard his plan for spending. We've listened to his platform on immigration and health care. And now, we know how Herman Cain feels about... pizza.

It's natural to assume that a man who was once the CEO of Godfather's Pizza is passionate about pie. However, Herman Cain is also apparently passionate about music -- pizza-themed music, specifically. In a confusing, yet hilarious, video that popped up today on The Daily Beast, we are treated to Cain's rendition of "Imagine," tweaked with his own lyrics honoring pizza.

"Imagine only burgers," he sings, "It's frightening and sad. You're lucky you have pizza to feed your kids for you."

The video was shot at the 1991 Omaha Press Club meeting, so really it could have been much worse for Cain. ("Slice, Slice, Baby," anyone?)


Cain of course is no stranger to the spiritual jams: he released a gospel album called "Sunday Morning" in 1999. His pizza ode was not included.

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