What do you get when you combine an assortment of 3M products with other random items? You get one impressive Rube Goldberg machine.

The brand that makes random items we use everyday from Post-It notes to rolls of tape to stethascopes created a contraption that combines many of their products to work together to complete a simple task.

The video was created at 3M's headquarters inSaint Paul, Minnesota and uses 25,000 Post-it Notes, 75 rolls of painter's tape, welding helmets and other items to create a Rube Goldberg machine.

According to 3M, "invisible forces — physics, thermodynamics, chemistry, energy — combine to make something visible, something truly inspiring."


At the end of the clip colored streamers of Post-it Notes fall down to reveal 3M's tagline for their campain: "Science. Applied to life."

The ending may not be as exciting as you would expect, but if you're a science fan and appreciate engineering, you will definitely enjoy this video.