Taiwanese group Next Media is never far behind a trend, and they've used their genius animators to illustrate the rise of cryptocurrency Dogecoin and how its users are spending it for good.

Dogecoin has gained prominence among Redditors as a cryptocurrency not just to keep, but to give away. The Dogecoin community pooled together about $30,000 for the Jamaican bobsled team at Sochi. Now, Dogecoin community members have done it again, raising over 40 million Dogecoin to provide clean water to people in need in Kenya.

Doge 4 Water founder Eric Nakagawa was hoping to raise 40 million Dogecoin (about $30,700) by Saturday, which is World Water Day. The organization lucked out when one anonymous donor, @savethemhood, donated 14,000,000 Dogecoin - just over $11,000.

The Taiwanese animated version includes dancing Jamaican athletes, Robin Hood in a Porsche and inexplicably, a panda.

As for @savethemhood? We may never find out the Dogecoin user's identity.

We just want to know if that roaming vehicle is really a Porsche.
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