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VIDEO: What do hipster children eat? Brunchables!

What do you feed a child who is so over SpaghettiOs? Brunchables. Stock up before they're not cool anymore.

Grilled Cheese? Puh-lease. Chicken tenders? So yesterday. Apple sauce? Over it.

If you want to feed a hipster child, you better be ready to serve up something panko-crusted, or at least a bit of edamame (lightly salted).

The expression "picky eater" is an understatement (and so passe anyway) when it comes to hipster kids. These pre-adults, as they prefer to be called, have a discerning palate. Don't try to feed them a Happy Meal -- it hasn't been Zagat rated.

So when breakfast is blah and lunch is lame, turn to Brunchables -- the kids snack so hip, you'll need reservations, according to College Humor. Brunchables provide the type of food any hipster kid would love. You know, stuff like eggs rothko or sardine radish tapenade on a baguette, washed down with some fair trade coffee or a mini cerveza.

It's perfect for kids whose parents are too buys with kickball to make brunch, as you'll see in the video. But honestly, we're already over this sketch -- lame.

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