How to vies Instagram Stories without the other person knowing.


You can easily look at someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing on desktop and mobile by following a few easy steps.

If you’re someone who tends to look at Instagram Stories of your coworkers, ex lovers, friends, or anyone you no longer follow, you are well aware they will able to see that you were checking on them.  You could create a “Finsta”  (fake Instagram account) and then do your snooping on Instagram, but if you don’t want to go through that hassle, you can easily look at someone’s Instagram account anonymously.

These tools come in handy especially when you’ve un-followed someone but for whatever reason, you still want to see what they are up to without them knowing.

Here are three solid ways you can secretly look at Instagram Stories anonymously from a desktop computer in 2019. 


Insta-Stalker (  This website claims to be the “easiest way to explore Instagram users and their stories” but, based on the name of the tool, you already know what you’re getting yourself into. The website allows you to view Instagram Stories without being seen. It also allows you to view the person's profile picture full size. 

Storiesig (

Instastories  (

These websites allow you to view Instagram Stories anonymously as well as downloading pictures and videos.

View Instagram Stories without being seen on mobile

There are mobile apps that also allow you to view an Instagram Story without the other person knowing.

Anonymous Instagram viewer iPhone

Story Ghost   Link to App Store

View Instagram Stories on Android

GramsterLink to Google Play Store

While these sites and apps are helpful when wanting to look at someone’s Instagram Story without them knowing, there is a catch. The user must have a public account. So if you’re looking to see what your coworker shared over the weekend or you’re checking up on an ex and their account is private, you’re out of luck. 


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