Vivienne Westwood Red Label - Runway: London Fashion Week SS14 Vivienne Westwood and model Lily Cole after the designer's Red Label spring show.


After Vivienne Westwood's arty Red Label show, we caught up with the outspoken designer for a quick interview, in which she made it clear that the United States' role in global conflicts has landed it on the wrong side of the struggle for people.


You talk about how climate change affects people’s lives but there is a more immediate problem in Syria. What are your views on what’s happening out there?


"No one can say what to do in Syria and I certainly can’t. Everyone can say where the original source of the problem comes from and it’s American involvement in everything bad in the world for their own interests.

"They’ve got the greatest war machine in the world; they do what they want . If they tell us there are all these terrorists, we believe them. They don’t stop and think, 'Well maybe we’re the worst terrorists – don’t do that.' They’ve got nothing to give us and they are so destructive.

"Obama’s a creep; American presidents are ineffective. The whole structure doesn’t allow them to do very much."

Are you anti-America?

"Absolutely anti-American. They’re the scourge of the Earth. I’m not the only one either because so many journalists are now saying that they are the ultimate terrorists, the Americans."