Brad Pitt — to our extreme, ecstatic delight — voices Metro Man in the new animated flick “Megamind.” But it seems he still has some winning over to do at home.

“I think they will like it, but they are tough critics,” Pitt told when asked about his children at the film’s premiere. “Will Ferrell is very popular in our house, so the boys will get a kick out of that.”

Not only is he competing against his co-star, but Spidey, as well: “Hopefully they will think Dad’s really cool and better than Spider-Man.”

Listen, Brad, you’ve got zero superhero competition at the Metro offices. And unlike Angelina, you can bet we won’t miss your premieres because we’re off directing films and saving children in Budapest. If Metro Man needs a new home base, we’ve got a cubicle for you.

Lil Wayne is free

Congrats to Lil Wayne, who was released from prison Thursday morning after serving eight months on weapons charges. And here’s hoping he makes it through the weekend without landing in Monday’s column.

–Today’s Word was written by Monica Weymouth.