How does your weekend with your kids compare to Hollywood's moms and dad's? We round round up their tweets.

Fergie celebrated her birthday with her two favorite guys, husband Josh Duhamel and son Axl:

Fergie tweet Fergie celebrated her birthday with her two favorite guys: husband Josh Duhamel and son Axl.

Britney Spears enjoyed a relaxing vacation in Hawaii with her boyfriend and two sons. Yesterday she tweeted, "Headed home from a fun little vacay with my boys...Bittersweet! Thank u @DisneyAulani for having us. We had the best time!"


Britney Spears tweet Unlike you, Britney Spears was not stuck in the house with her kids all weekend.

Dad of two, Mario Lopez, spent the day with some kids other than his own, Instagraming this cute pic and saying, "Love this 10 month old's look...Literally looks like he's wearing a wig. Tight! Proud to see a strong Latino community in NC. #coolkid"

Mario Lopez Mario Lopez spent the day volunteering in North Carolina.

Hilary Duff spent a sunny afternoon outside with her son Luca, just hanging out and eating potato chips.

Hilary Duff tweet Celebrities: they're just like us...sometimes.

Kanye West stops his usual Twitter shenanigans to show some appreciation, tweeting "I love my family," which fiance Kim Kardashian retweeted.

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