The debate is perhaps one of the oldest: big boobs or small boobs?
Women have likely been discussing the pros and cons of various breast sizes since the stone age, and now the conversation has spilled onto Reddit, where users (most of whom probably aren’t women) answered the question “What are some GOOD things about having small boobs?”
Metro sifted through the discussion and chose some of the best comments.
Some were about being sneaky:
“It makes it easier to disguise yourself when you want to join the emperor's army to fight the huns.” - 08mms
“You could go without a bra and chances are most people wouldn't notice.” - amandadarko
Some were aimed at a woman’s wardrobe:
“Sweet baby Jesus, summertime. Summertime is the best if you have a small chest. So many tank-tops and dresses have extra support built into them, which isn't substantial enough for my ample chested sisters. But little ole me? Nine times out of ten, it's perfect. That means three months of sweet, liberating, bra-less freedom. It's a magical time of year.” - radioactive_snuggie
“You can wear strapless and halter tops without looking like you're auditioning for a low budget porn.” - stopandsmellthefear
Some discussed physics:
“I used to have Ds. I lost weight, now I have As. And I can honestly say it's fantastic. I can run, I can sleep on my stomach, shirts fit me properly. Life is good when you have little tiddies.”
“You can lie on your stomach” - The-Wandering-Hylotl
“When I take my bra off, they just stay there.” - therealblh
There are apparently wardrobe benefits:
“Wearing a bra is optional, rather than a necessary device to hold them up. If you do forget your bra and you go driving it doesn't hurt when you go over bumps like it does when you have bigger breasts. You don't get a sore back from holding up all that weight. You don't have issues with clothes your size being too tight around the breast area, because thinner people tend to have smaller breasts and larger people tend to have larger breasts, so if you're thin with big breasts then the general line of clothing isn't really made to fit you...e.g. a dress your size for the rest of your body won't fit around your chest.. Jumping is easier and more fun. In fact, all sports are easier and more fun..” - Pooky2015
And let's not forget, posture:
“They age better and won't f--k up your back.” - Lithuim

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