When it comes to looking for love, having a steady job is probably among the top criteria for many daters.


Some might even have a specific partner in mind. Think Tina Fey’s character, Liz Lemon, on the late, great “30 Rock.” Her fantasy boyfriend, “Astronaut Mike Dexter,” was the man she compared all other men to — and he didn’t even exist.




American daters have shown they’re a little more, shall we say, down to Earth when it comes to picking real people to go on dates with.

Dating app Clover just released a new infographic that shows which professions score the most dates using data compiled from 1.5 million profiles.
Sadly for Liz Lemon, astronaut didn’t make the cut, but doctors, psychiatrists and lawyers were found to be the sexiest jobs for men, while project managers, flight attendants and speech therapists were for women.
Check out the infographic below to see which jobs daters found to be the least sexisest for potential partners.