You know it’s a slow gossip day when the only “exclusive” highlights is a former member of “Full House” — and it’s not even an Olsen twin.

Jodie Sweetin, 29, forever known as Stephanie Tanner, got engaged to her latest baby-daddy, Morty Coyle, on Tuesday, the site reports. “It was a complete surprise,” Sweetin tells PEOPLE. “We are just thrilled and I am in shock still!”

A brief recap on Stephanie’s life since “Full House”: A 20, she was married for the first time (that ended in 2006); in 2007, Sweetin was married again, and with that union had a baby — but she and her husband divorced in 2008. In 2010, she had a baby with Coyle and now they’re engaged. This is all on top of being a recovering alcohol and meth abuser.

Jodie, honey, you’re 29 years old. It’s okay to slow down and think about things for a bit. And plus, it doesn't seem like you have either a hunky, leather-wearing brother-in-law, a quirky Canadian comedian or a huge townhouse in San Francisco to help you raise your growing brood.