It may be a good time to purchase a home but prices in the Boston area are still some of the highest in the country.

For those of you with dreams of living in the heart of Tremont Street we check in with real estate agent, Paul Santucci of Boston Realty Advisors, who offers alternatives to the super-pricey, sought-after areas of the South End, South Boston and downtown Boston. Here’s what we discovered:

East Cambridge vs. downtown Boston’s high-rise, full-service buildings.


Naturally, East Cambridge doesn’t have the panache that downtown does, but the luxury buildings average more than $1000 per square foot. For full-service buildings, where the amenities include garage and concierges, East Cambridge has a handful that average about $550 per square foot. The buildings in East Cambridge are next to the MBTA and a short walk to Charles Street. You can take advantage of the proximity to both Cambridge and Boston. The average two-bedroom at The Residence at the Ritz-Carlton Towers, Boston Common, is $1.3 million. At OneFirst in Cambridge, you can buy a brand-new, two-bedroom for an average of $621,000. East Cambridge is destined to rise in value due to its tremendous location.