doctor and mom with a boy on a white Nearly one in six kids has special needs.
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Raising a child with special needs can feel like a lonely road for parents, but they have plenty of company.

The April issue of Parents magazine published the results of an extensive survey of families with special-needs children as part of a 20-page report, "Life in a Special-Needs World."The data shows that nearly one in six kids in the U.S. has a disability. The magazine's guide aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by parents and give them a little peace of mind.


Having a conversation with your child about how he or she is different from other kids is a difficult but necessary task; 73 percent of the parents surveyed have talked with their child about it. But differences aside, 89 percent of parents with special-needs children feel like their child has a good group of friends, an even higher number than the 79 percent of parents of children without special needs.

Most (76 percent) also feel that their child's school is doing an adequate job of addressing his or her needs. These are just a few of the findings, pulled from 500 moms who have children between the ages of 3 and 12. To read the full survey, check out the April issue of Parents magazine, out now.

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