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You know it’s soon. You have a nagging feeling that it might be coming up. And you’re slightly worried that you’ll miss it, and that morning meeting as a result. It’s daylight saving time. So, when do the clocks go forward in 2018?


Year after year we worry about this. You know it happens in the middle of the night, but is it on a weekend or weeknight? You know it’s in spring, but is it in February or March? Maybe April?


Don’t worry, we have you covered. Although your phone and laptop should update automatically — thank you, technology — it’s still worth marking your calendar and setting an extra alarm. Just in case. Especially if that important business meeting is on the line.


So, when do the clocks go forward in 2018? And, what time do I change the clocks?

Open your calendar. Select Sunday, March 11. Now create a reminder that the clocks go forward at 2:00 a.m. for daylight savings 2018. That’s right, your presentation for work was never on the line — but you know you worry about it year after year.


Stop wondering when do the clocks go forward in 2018 by marking your calendar now and setting an alarm for a week before and the day before. Although the clocks change as you’re rolling into a Sunday, which is thankfully the weekend, there’s still a chance of messed up church attendance or missed brunch reservations. But if you're wondering what time do I change the clocks, you can leave that for the morning of March 11. Hopefully, though, most of your clocks changed on their own. (Pro tip: Don't forget to change the clock in your car.)


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At least the friend you’re meeting for brunch is just as likely to miss the memo — or be OK with sitting a little longer over a mimosa while they wait for you to rush over. If you’re headed to a religious service, on the other hand, the powers that be might not be as forgiving.

Since you have a couple of months and plenty of warning — because you’ve now marked your calendar, right? — maybe don’t plan anything. After all, you could use an alarm-free morning. You’re losing an hour of sleep after all.