For Millennial Branding's latest research study, we partnered with to survey 5,268 job seekers across generations, including Gen Y (ages 18-29), Gen X (30-47) and Baby Boomers (48-67). While we found that all job seekers are spending most of their time searching online, regardless of age, there are generational differences.

Here are some of the more interesting findings across the three generations:

Generation Y

Gen Y spends more time checking their online reputations than older generations. They are more optimistic about finding a job, are finding jobs relatively quicker and value workplace flexibility. Relative to older generations, they are considering going back to school or starting businesses as an alternative to finding a job.

The quality that Gen Y values most in an employer is location, followed by meaningful work and then job security. Before interviews, Gen Y spends the most time practicing hypothetical questions, and they are also more inclined to customize their resumes and cover letters.

Generation X

This age group values job security and has suffered more stress and frustration due to unemployment relative to others. While 72 percent of those surveyed are stressed out from work, 44 percent are depressed from not finding work. Aside from job security, they are looking for employee benefits such as health care.

Baby Boomers

The Boomers prepare for interviews by reviewing the company's website and are more inclined to search for news about the company they are interviewing for. They also feel like they suffer from age discrimination over other generations. Boomers aren't as interested in starting companies or going back to school as alternatives to not finding work.

-- Dan Schawbel is a Gen Y career expert, the founder of Millennial Branding and the author of Me 2.0.

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