It looks like “The Jersey Shore” just isn’t big enough for Snooki (real name: Nicole Polizzi), 21.


“Definitely there is no set thing, but it has been talked about,” Snooki told about a possible spin-off. “I got offers from VH1 and other reality networks,” she said. Apparently, it’s to be based on the premise of “A Shot at Love” and will be called “Snookin’ for Love.” MTV, isn’t it time to think outside of the box? We’d like to pitch you a show called “Snooki Kabuki” where the mini, overly tanned, Bump-it wearing Snooki does a show in the classical style of Japanese dance-drama theater.


Seriously, how much more entertaining (and enlightening) would that be than just hours of her sucking face with various dudes, all of whom have bad tattoos and an overabundance of hair gel?