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Where to safely vent your parenting woes

"Cutting Teeth" author Julia Fierro launches a Parenting Confessional tumblr.

Beautiful mother holding baby boy What's your parenting secret? Credit: Colourbox

Every parent has their secrets. It could be the little white lies you tell your kids just to make your life a little bit easier, an indulgence you don't tell anyone about, or even something more sinister. Whatever it is, "Cutting Teeth" author Julia Fierro has created a safe place for you to share and commiserate with other parents, anonymously of course.

Her Tumblr, Parenting Confessional, is like a Post Secret for moms and dads. Some admissions are inspiring ("I think my body looks better after childbirth. Take that world!"), most are funny ("We tell our 3-year-old that the ice-cream truck plays music when they are out of ice-cream") and some are shockingly honest ("I often daydream about leaving my family and starting a new life").


The Tumblr only launched a couple weeks ago and is already flooded with posts. Being a parent can feel like a lonely job, but this Tumblr, no wonder what you're going through, is a reminder that you're not alone.

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