How many people have you indirectly slept with?Pixabay

Ah, college. A time to reinvent yourself, meet new people, make new mistakes… but one mistake you don’t want to make is having sex without protection.


You know that whole “you’ve slept with everyone your partner has slept with” logic? There could be a way to know your numbers and see how your shacking up is stacking up, according to a new study.


After surveying 2,000 current and former college students, and released a study naming which campuses knock boots the most and who isn’t wrapping it up.


The most sexually active campus is Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, followed by randy Rutgers University in New Jersey. Founded by a Baptist minister in 1884, the population of 37,000 students on Temple’s campus are shouting “Oh God” for a different reason.


A big part of getting frisky is protecting yourself. Even if you think it’s only one person on one night, it’s actually more like a room full of your and your partner’s past exploits.


For every 13 no-pants-dance partners you had been with, imagine those people also did the horizontal hula with the same number. And because, you know, math, study authors figured that means you’ve potentially been exposed to more than 150 other hot-to-trotters.

Take into consideration that 15 percent of study participants said they never use a condom. As in, never. And those who fall in that 15 percent tended to report that they had been with 18 partners, versus the typical 13 partners participants reported as having by the time of the study.


So how many people have you indirectly slept with?


Let’s let the study authors explain:

"'Degree of exposure' is how many steps of separation exist within your range of indirect partners. A degree of exposure of '1' is the number of partners you have had, while a degree of exposure of '2'is the number of partners you have had plus all your partner’s partners — and so on."

So basically, if you are part of that 15 percent of people who aren't hip to using protection, ew. Because math.