Wednesday night in New York City, IFC hosted a party for the premiere of their new series, “Portlandia.” Since the “Portlandia” promotional video features the song “The Dream of the ’90s is Alive in Portland,” we asked a few bold-faced names in attendance if there was another decade they’d rather be hitting the red carpet in.


If you could live in any decade, which one would you choose?

Carrie Brownstein: “Maybe sometime during the ’20s, where there were intellectual pockets like the Bloomsbury Group. You could hang out with them, or in Berlin. The ’20s were these wonderful times in art and intellect and writing.”

Kyle MacLachlan: “I think, ‘What if I had been a few years older in the ’70s?’ At the time, we didn’t think the music was very good. But looking back, it was. I’m a big Zeppelin fan. So maybe I’d pick the ’70s, but only if I were older.”

Lorne Michaels: “I’ve lived in so many of them. I was there in a lot of those decades. I like them all. I’m more about looking forward to the next one.”

Fred Armisen: “I had such a good time in the ’90s. The music scene was a lot of fun back then. But I really don’t look at the ’90s and say, ‘Whoa, the good old days.’ I love it right now. Now is my favorite time — ever. I love the present day.”

–With on-the-scene reporting by Jeryl Brunner