You definitely won't taste the healthy fats in this. Credit: Provided It's like summer in a glass. Credit: Provided

Don't get us wrong — we love our avocados in guac, on top of burgers or just as a snack with a little lime juice and sea salt. But in cocktails? We'd never tried it.

We're definitely giving this recipe, from Avocados From Mexico, a whirl before summer draws to a close:


Avocado Mezcal


1 avocado from Mexico, halved, pitted and peeled
6 oz. white mescal
6 oz. fresh lime juice
4 oz. light agave nectar
3 oz. Midori
2 oz. Cointreau


In a blender, combine all ingredients; whirl until combined, Add 2 cups of ice and blend until smooth. Serve in a glass rimmed with Junior Merino's Cactus and Lemongrass Rimmer. Garnish with an avocado wedge pressed in Junior Merino's Hibiscus Rose Rimmer.

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