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QUIZ: Who said it? 'Billions'' Chuck Rhoades or a real U.S. Attorney?

Who better to balance the scales of justice than someone with the ability to compare white collar crime to Downton Abbey?

The job of United States Attorney requires tenacity, intellectual acumen, a wealth of experience, and — if Showtime's new hit "Billions" is any indication — a penchant for speaking in platitudes and metaphors.

We kid, we kid. Becoming a chief prosecutor and representing the United States in one of the country's 93 judicial districts is no small feat. The real question is, does "Billions" accurately reflect the job?

After a handful of episodes, we're not quite convineced. "Billions" seems a little too glamours —U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (played by the inimitable Paul Giamatti) is enmeshed in a cat and mouse game with the megalomanic hedge-funder Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) — for the patently unsexy tasks of legal research and document review.

But there is one parallel between television and real life: Just like Chuck Rhoades, realU.S. Attorneys are quite the wordsmiths — and they don't get a Hollywood script.


Think you can tell the difference between Chuck and bona fide U.S Attorneys? Then take our quiz!

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