The job of United States Attorney requires tenacity, intellectual acumen, a wealth of experience, and — if Showtime's new hit "Billions" is any indication — a penchant for speaking in platitudes and metaphors.

We kid, we kid. Becoming a chief prosecutor and representing the United States in one of the country's 93 judicial districts is no small feat. The real question is, does "Billions" accurately reflect the job?

After a handful of episodes, we're not quite convineced. "Billions" seems a little too glamours —U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (played by the inimitable Paul Giamatti) is enmeshed in a cat and mouse game with the megalomanic hedge-funder Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) — for the patently unsexy tasks of legal research and document review.

But there is one parallel between television and real life: Just like Chuck Rhoades, realU.S. Attorneys are quite the wordsmiths — and they don't get a Hollywood script.


Think you can tell the difference between Chuck and bona fide U.S Attorneys? Then take our quiz!

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