Will more colleges embrace video applications?

Published : September 07, 2014


Will the college application as we know it soon be a thing of the past? Goucher College seems to think so. The liberal arts college in Maryland recently announced that it will begin accepting video applications from prospective students this fall.


Instead of submitting a traditional application, high school seniors now have the option of creating a two-minute video in which they explain why they want to go to Goucher and why they feel they would thrive there. There’s also an added bonus for students who go the video route: Those who choose to do so will not have to submit any standardized scores or a high school transcript.

A video posted to Goucher’s YouTube channel touts the freedom that the new video option gives students. “I’m more than just a number,” several students say on camera.


“So maybe test bubbles are not your thing, that’s OK,” says Goucher’s president Jose Bowen in the two-minute spot introducing the Goucher Video App. “We want to know what you want to do with your life, what you want out of college.”


Each video will be graded on three categories: content and thoughtfulness, structure and organization, clarity and effectiveness.

“The college admissions process is broken. The application process is complicated; it’s stressful,” Bowen told NPR when explaining the decision to try video.

While a handful of other colleges have added video components, Goucher is the first to give students the option to completely replace a written application with a video. In 2010, both Tufts and George Mason Universities allowed students to create a YouTube clips to go along with their applications.

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