Smartphone users have found a new addiction in the form of "Candy Crush." Smartphone users have found an new addiction in the form of "Candy Crush."

If you’re one of the 46 million monthly Candy Crush players, your fingers are probably hurting after a particularly intense round. Take care of your extremities with these warm-up moves from Dr. Steven Beldner, a hand specialist from Mount Sinai Beth Israel, who paired up with King, the company behind the addictive game.

1. Gently rotate the thumb in a circle.


2. Spread the thumb away from the hand.

3. Lay hand face up flat on a table, then bring the thumb up.

4. Alternate touching each finger to the thumb.

5. With hand extended, touch each finger to the palm.

6. Spread the fingers apart from each other. Hold, then release.

7. Shake the wrist side to side.

8. Put the hand in a fist, then bend at 90 degrees at the wrist.

Repeat each move five times.

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