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Win free Dogecoin with Android game Super Doge

Super Doge, a knockoff of Flappy Bird, lets gamers play for free Dogecoin.

super doge Super Doge lets you play for free Dogecoin.
Credit: Super Doge

Play for free money? It seems too good to be true, but Super Doge, a knockoff of Flappy Bird, lets gamers play for free Dogecoin.

The creator of Super Doge, which is only available on Android devices, wrote that he or she created the game in order to bring more attention to the cryptocurrency. The developer said, "Unlike the most of the other Flappy Bird clones, I wrote Super Doge from scratch using libGDX. I want to use the hype of Flappy Bird to make Dogecoin famous and therefore help the Dogecoin community."

The game is just like Flappy Bird except that instead of a bird, it uses the doge meme.


The way Super Doge works is that players divide a pot of Dogecoin each day according to how many points they earned playing the game, so the prize distribution depends on the number of players. If only one person plays that day and earns one point on Super Doge, that person will win the entire pot. If two people play and one person wins 99 points and the other wins one, the first person will win 99 percent of the day's pool of Dogecoin, and so forth.

Surprisingly, the developer is funding the game with his own money. Monday's prize pool is 5,000 Doges, worth just over $5. The game has already paid 31,000 Doges to 2,637 players - that's about $34.

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