This time of year requires extra motivation for working out. Whether it's creating a playlist of songs you love that you vow to only listen to while logging in some treadmill time or making plans with a friend to meet you at yoga so you'll actually go, you do what you have to do. Or, you can go shopping. (Hey, that's cardio, right?) When you have some cute clothes to show off, you'll want to actually wear them to workout. Here, we roundup some stylish options so you'll slay your gym style game.

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1. Barre tank, $28, ArimaDesigns

2. Paisley capri leggings, $68, Anthropologie


3. Bra and capri leggings, $65 for the bra, $64 for the leggings, Urban Outfitters

4. Capri leggings, $60, Victoria's Secret

5. Tank, $24,

6. Capri leggings, $19.90, Forever 21

7. Sports bra, $40, Adidas

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