Rising internet celebrity Toast, also known by her instagram name @toastmeetsworld, is known for her signature floppy tongue. Credit: Katie Sturino Rising internet celebrity Toast, also known by her instagram name @toastmeetsworld, is known for her signature floppy tongue.
Credit: Katie Sturino


Watch out, world! There's a new celebrity on the rise, and she doesn't even walk on two legs. Between her magnetic charisma, killer fashion choices and trademark floppy tongue, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and puppy mill rescue Toast is a hard face to forget. Her features on Vogue, The Daily Mail UK and Lucky Mag as well as 37,000 Instagram followers show that you don't need a mouth full of teeth holding in your tongue to become a star. Despite her busy schedule, having recently teamed up with Friends of Finn and Iomoi to launch her own line of tote bags, Toast found some time to sit down and answer our burning questions.


From Zooey Deschanel to Amar'e Stoudemire, you seem to draw fashion influences from a great variety of sources. How would you describe your sense of style?


I don’t take it all too seriously. I love color and I leave heavily on themed looks. Life is a stage!


Who are some of your greatest fashion inspirations? Are any of them fellow dogs?


Karl Kanai, Karl Lagerfeld, Kylie Minogue, Stephen Baldwin.

In your opinion, what's the hottest must-have accessory of the season?

Anything from Yark Dog accessories and Birkenstocks… I do believe Tevas are making a come back as well. A dog walkers dream.

How do you deal with the burdens of fame and a burgeoning fandom?

Staying humble. Frequent Spa treatments. Bikram yoga and my personal philosophy which is the opposite Drake’s "no new friends" mantra: New Friends Everyday.

I just joined Instagram myself the other day. Any insta-fame tips for usnewbies?

Always stop for selfies on the street with fans, don’t clog the feed, don’t engage in arguments with crazy people in the comments and don’t be boring.

Does not having teeth, or, as adorable as it is, your floppy tongue ever get in the way?

YES, I love food and it takes me twice as long to eat my dinner as my sister Muppet so I frequently have to fight her off for the second half of my meal. My tongue also gets dry as heck so I always have fresh water on hand.

When and why did you decide to expand your horizons into social activism and the tote bag industry?

Before I became a model/celeb, I was being over-bred in very unsavory conditions at a puppy mill in North Carolina. When the rescue people finally got access to the property, they found me housed with many deceased dogs. Its horrible but true. So when I met Finn,my best friend, and learned about his organization Friends of Finn, I knew I wanted to help. Friends of Finn is a worthwhile cause aimed at stopping puppy mills and helping to raise funds to care for puppy mill rescues like myself and my sister, Muppet. I feel so lucky to have been rescued that I want to try and help out as many dogs out there as possible. I designed a French Toast tote with the wonderful company, Iomoi, and a portion of the proceeds are going to Friends of Finn.

What do you do in your free time, when you're not busy being a style icon, social activist and businessdog?

Eat tiny miniature dog tacos, mostly.

Are there any future endeavors you're planning to take on?

I would really like to be in a Katy Perry Video.