At least one of Jesse James’ mistresses is feeling guilty about what Sandra Bullock has been going through. On Sunday, Melissa Smith (who we refuse to give the satisfaction of a bold name) faxed a letter to the actress’ agent to apologize.

Not surprisingly, someone passed TMZ a copy of the note, in which Smith writes: “My actions of engaging with a married man are unforgivable.”

We’re curious — in the hierarchy of insincere apologies, does a fax leaked to TMZ rank above or below a drunken text forwarded to Perez Hilton?

Calling out Mrs. Robinson


Michael Douglas’ mother is in for a surprise if she picks up the new Elle magazine. When asked if he had ever experienced a “Mrs. Robinson” scenario, the actor was lovably blunt: “There were a couple friends of my mother’s when I was 16, and they were 30,” he told the mag. “I wouldn’t want to get any of them in trouble, but they’re probably all dead by now.”

– Today’s Word was written by
Monica Weymouth.

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