If you’re looking for a less fatal version of Russian roulette to play with the entire family, Jelly Belly has you covered. The candy company released the fourth edition of their “Beanboozled” jelly bean mixes featuring the two startling new flavors: Spoiled milk and dead fish.

Why exactly would anyone eat a spoiled milk or dead fish flavored jelly bean? Well, the entire premise of Jelly Belly’s Beanboozled mixes is that beans in the mix are colored to look alike. So in this case spoiled milk looks a lot like coconut, and dead fish looks way too similar to strawberry banana smoothie.

“Following the release of the line’s third edition in 2013, the candy became something of an Internet phenomenon,” MentalFloss reports. “According to Jelly Belly, over one million ‘BeanBoozled’ challenge videos have been uploaded to YouTube depicting brave souls torturing themselves through a box of the beans for the sake of our entertainment.”

What are some of the other choice flavors and their Hyde counterparts?

Juicy pear looks just like booger flavor, canned dog food is the twin of chocolate pudding, and moldy cheese is a sneaky version of caramel corn.


Although, a caramel corn flavored jelly bean sounds horrible.

Big news, BeanBoozled fans! The 4th Edition with TWO new flavors is coming this spring! Would you rather: Dead Fish and Spoiled Milk?

Posted by Jelly Belly on Friday, January 15, 2016

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