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- You get angry easily.
- You're brave and bold.
- You make friends easily.
- You're unpredictable.
- Friends are important to you.
- You can be hurt easily, but with the same ease manage to recover.
- You're very sensual and passionate. - You love to talk and be the center of attention.
- Intelligent and cunning.
- You have a changing personality.
- You're a good friend.
- Temperamental and get angry easily.
- Determined to reach your goals.
- Fearless and tenacious.
- You love entertainment and pleasure.
- Romantic inside, but not outside.
- Ambitious and dreamy.

- You have a charming personality that attracts others.
- Naturally honest.
- Generous and empathetic.
- You're very tenacious.
- You have great sense of style and fashion.
- Very observant.
- You love compliments and standing out.
- Analytical when it comes to making decisions.
- You have a great sense of humor.
- Your personality is quiet.
- You always have a good attitude.
- You love to be well informed.
- Systematic.
- You have a good memory.
- You always have a generous thought.
- You have the ability to motivate yourself and others.
- Loves music, traveling and pleasure.

- Active and dynamic.
- You are mentally very strong.
- Diplomatic.
- Courageous and tenacious.
- Adventuress.
- You are loving and care about others.
- You love to travel and explore.
- You are friendly and manage to keep good friends.
- Generous and help others to solve problems.

-You love trying new things.
- You're very honest.
- You always forgive, but never forget.
- You're not aggressive unless provoked.
- You are loving and you love feel loved.
- You treat people around you equally.
- You like spending time alone.
- You observe and tend to judge people.

- Your loyal.
- You love making new friends.
- You're a music lover.
- You have a great talent to conquer.
- Your personality attracts people.
- People enjoy your company.
- You enjoy performing activities outside from home. - You characterize yourself for being a great friend and companion.

- You like taking risks.
- You are mysterious.
- Bold and brave.
- You're a warrior.
- You're free and rebellious.
- You love music and like to sing.
- You have an outgoing personality.
- You're playful and humorous.
- You trust and have self- control.

- You are not pretentious.
- You like daydreaming.
- You're unpredictable.
- You like to be loved.
- You're brave and bold.
- You are sensitive and intuitive.
- Honest and do not like lies.
- You always make the right decisions.
- You are extremely intelligent and analytical.

- You’re reliable and very loyal.
- Very passionate.
- You know how to have fun
- You are independent and bold.
- You're very sociable and make friends easily.
- You excel in the crowd.
- You are very emotional and sometimes temperamental.
- You are a very intelligent and astute person.

-You love to travel.
- You have very strong beliefs.
- It is easy to comfort you. -
- You attract the attention of others.
- You like being the center of attention.
- You are stubborn and have a strong personality.
- You have very deep feelings and thoughts.
- You are shy with the opposite sex.
- You are hardworking and very optimistic.

- You are loyal and generous.
- You're competitive.
- Diplomatic and very well educated.
- You are methodical and systematic.
- You're sensitive.
- You like games.
- You are sociable and friendly.
- Creative and have very good ideas.
- Ambitious.
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