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Look, we're all friends here. As much bluster as we'd like to blow into our own sails by saying we can tackle projects around the house without instructions — or even tie a necktie on our own — most of us need some sort of guide to make sure we don't look like complete fools. Lord knows I've had my fair share of home renovation mishaps in my apartment that have left more than a few dents and holes in the walls. 

So, who can you look to as a guiding light when it comes to these little projects? It's unrealistic to think that we can wait around reruns of "This Old House with Bob Villa" that will explain the specific obstacles you are looking to hurdle. And is Bob Villa even still alive? The answer to that question is: Yes he is. But I digress. These days, the best and most reliable plan of action is to check out helpful YouTube tutorials to help you get the job done.  

YouTube Tutorials for the Modern Man 

1.) Hanging shelves on drywall

Hang shelves on drywall is a project that many people believe is a quick and easy project. But are you doing it right? Do you know how to check for the stud in your wall before you start marking up your walls with tiny little holes? YouTube tutorials like the one below, posted by Leah from the SeeJaneDrill channel, provides fantastic step-by-step instructions on how to not to f--ck this up royally. 



2.) Fixing your sink without calling a plumber

This is a problem that everyone can relate to. Whether it has stockpiled little scraps of food over the years or you just simply have a slow drip coming out of the pipe, you will need to figure out how to do a quick fix on your sink rather than spending a fortune on a plumber. Here is a great YouTube tutorial from the "ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati". 

3.) How to cook the perfect steak

Cooking a perfect steak is something that will gain you respect from your friends and will probably get you some new ones if you truly master it. There are tons and tons of YouTube tutorials on this subject, but why not learn from some of the best chefs in the world? Gordon Ramsay has a brief tutorial online where you can cook along at a safe distance without him shouting in your face. 




4.) How to tie a tie 

Like I was saying before, you can find YouTube tutorials on just about everything you'll need to know in your life. For instance, at some point on your adventure into adulthood, you will probably need to know how to tie a tie before a function like a wedding or even a job interview. The good people at the men's fashion house Pursuit have provided some humorous YouTube tutorials on how to make the modern man less of a schlub and how to dress to impress. In the video below, they make the excruciating process of tying a bow-tie a little less painful. 


YouTube Tutorials

If you have a problem that needs a quick solution, chances are there is a YouTube tutorial out there that can help you. Now it's up to you to follow the directions correctly. 
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