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Like silence? Watch The Situation bomb at the Donald Trump roast

If you are Mike Sorrentino, you have a good reason to believe you can be a comedy rock star. After all, with little more than a tan and a gym membership, he’s already gotten himself gossip-column-fame and a TV-star-fortune; why can’t a reputation as a funnyman come just as easily?

Unfortunately, while ‘becoming famous’ has moved from skilled to unskilled labor in the past decade, ‘being funny’ still has not. Witness The Situation’s spectacular implosion on Comedy Central’s roast of Donald Trump last night:

Watching the full video, The Situation’s fatal error becomes clear. Take a look at some of his jokes that attracted the least laughter:

»”Whitney [Cummings], you look like the chicks I used to bang before I had all this money.”

»”The other night I told one of [Anthony Jeselnik’s] super-funny jokes to a super-model and she was laughing —while I was banging her brains out with a pile of money on the floor of my mother****ing mansion.”

Quips like these aren’t funny to anyone except 14-year-old boys. He doesn’t understand that comedy is all about humiliating and debasing yourself in front of an audience. No one wants to laugh at a guy talking about how it’s awesome he’s so rich. Except behind his back.

UPDATE: Buzzfeed has a list of the five jokes that were edited out of the taping because they were even worse.

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