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Like you, Mike Tyson loves “The Notebook”

Mike Tyson — former heavyweight champion, who, never forget, once bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear — has a confession to make. And that confession is that he loves Noah and Allie’s tale as much as you do.

Yeah, I’m talking about “The Notebook,” a weepy film brought to us by trash novelist Nicholas Sparks, that later spawned a great deal of movies about white people in rural parts of America falling in love. I mean, “The Longest Ride?” Come on. 

Anyway Tyson took part in a questionnaire with Uproxx, and there are some gems. He loves Migos! If he had to choose between cats and dogs, he’d choose tigers! And he can’t resist watching “The Notebook” whenever it’s on. And who can blame him? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams give the best performances of their damn lives!

What other uh, “romantic” movies are up Tyson’s alley? He doesn’t say, but I feel like we could probably make some educated guesses.

Disney’s “Aladdin”
The man said he loves tigers, and Rajah (Princess Jasmine’s pet tiger) is basically the only character with a lick of sense in that movie.

“Ever After”
Tyson appreciates the underappreciated — especially when Drew Barrymore is involved. I have no basis for feeling that Mike Tyson considers Drew Barrymore an overlooked actress, but it feels right. 

“Bridget Jones Baby”
I’m guessing Tyson’s Netflix homepage says he likes movies with a strong female lead. But of course he’d go for the worst movie out of the Bridget Jones bunch. He’s still the dude that bit off a man’s ear, after all.

This movie has everything. Violence! Cars! Romance! And most importantly, Ryan Gosling. This is a no brainer, y’all. 

“Fight Club”
Because if Mike Tyson told you that he thought “Fight Club” was a romantic comedy, you would be like, “Yeah, that makes sense.” Although, Brad Pitt did sleep with Robin Givens, who was Tyson’s wife at the time. So maybe not! 

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