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Lindsay Lohan: Leave Trump alone!

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An expert opinion for the ages was handed down yesterday, when erstwhile actress and pioneering hot mess on social media Lindsay Lohan called for the internet to stop “bullying” Donald Trump.

The entreaty, delivered on Twitter, referred partly to the controversy in which Trump seemed to advocate violence toward the media by retweeting a GIF of himself beating up a man with a CNN logo on his face.

“THIS IS our president. Stop #bullying him & start trusting him. Thank you personally for supporting #THEUSA” she tweeted.


Trump Twitter reposted her plea and wrote, “Thanks @lindsaylohan for being the greatest actress of the millennial generation & America’s sweetheart.”


Lohan had replied to another tweet in which a user condemned CNN as “crybabies … whining about beating up your logo” and called Trump “a real POTUS & MAN.” The user was referring to the case of Charlie Gard, a terminally ill British infant whom doctors want to remove from life support against the wishes of his parents. Trump has offered to help the parents somehow.

Lohan also weighed in on the composition of the Supreme Court, retweeting a post that praised highly conservative new justice Neil Gorsuch: “#Winning ANOTHER reason to THANK @POTUS this #4thOfJuly2017: Neil Gorsuch votes w/ Clarence Thomas 100% of the time”


She also attested that the Trump family are “kind people.”


Twitter was mystified by Lohan’s call to stop using bullying language against Trump, given the president’s reputation for opening his mouth. User @kim summed up the reaction:


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