Lindsay Lohan posts 'You're a donkey' in Arabic on Instagram - Metro US

Lindsay Lohan posts ‘You’re a donkey’ in Arabic on Instagram


Lindsay Lohan needs some Arabic lessons – stat.

The headline-making starlet posted a photo on Instagram of Arabic characters with a mistranslation. The post says, “كنت حمار” and she wrote underneath, “You’re beautiful.”

If Lohan meant to send the message to her fans, the sentiment was certainly sweet, but the meaning was a bit off. It turns out the characters mean, “You’re a donkey” – or “You’re an ass.”

Lohan’s Instagram followers who know Arabic had a good laugh, tagging each other in the comments and writing posts like, “Hahaha” or “when translations don’t add up.”

No one would fault Lohan for not knowing Arabic, but she should double-check next time with an Arabic speaker. At least it’s not a tattoo, right?

Lohan deleted her post three hours after it went up.

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