LIVE STREAM: President Obama's 'Farewell Address' - Metro US

LIVE STREAM: President Obama’s ‘Farewell Address’


Outgoing President Barack Obama is scheduled to give his Farewell Address to the nation on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. Watch the live stream below.

Obama traveled to his hometown of Chicago to deliver the remarks.

On New Year’s Day, the president tweeted reminders of his legacy that incoming President-elect Donald Trump haspromised to dismantle.

“Since 2009, we’ve faced our fair share of challenges, and come through them stronger,” the president wrote on Jan. 2. “That’s because we have never let go of a belief that has guided us ever since our founding—our conviction that, together, we can change this country for the better.

“So I hope you’ll join me one last time.

“Because, for me, it’s always been about you.”

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