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Live the luxury life with a long-term stay at the Taj Hotel

Taj Boston

William Raveis real estate agency has partnered with the Taj Boston, the iconic luxury hotel overlooking the Public Gardens on the corner of Arlington and Newbury Streets, not to deal with condos or apartments, but to market its hotel suites. In what is a unique move, the Taj Boston’s grand suites are available for long-term stays, something like one of those extended stay hotels, but on a super luxurious scale.

“As a hotel, we wanted to engage word of mouth in the real estate world,” says Brian Macaluso, director of sales and marketing at the Taj Boston, who began working with William Raveis’s Arlington Street office a year ago. “The partnership exceeded our expectations and multiple listings were rented, so we decided to continue it,” he says.

“From our perspective, it certainly is a unique situation,” says Eric Rollo, the point person for the Live at Taj team at Raveis. “No one has done this in Boston before. The reaction from people at first was they didn’t understand. But once we got the idea across it resulted in a phenomenal first year. It was not the normal situation for the rental market, but it fulfilled a need for many people coming into the city for medical needs, or who wanted to take their time in looking for a home. Some people are waiting for work on their homes to be completed. We had two renters this winter who had ice dams on their homes and flooding.

“The main benefit is flexibility,” he continues. “Most normal rentals are rarely under six months. There is no security deposit and when you leave it’s as simple as checking out of a hotel room.”

Other benefits include access to the hotel’s amenities: 24-hour fitness center, 24-hour in room dining options, concierge service, complimentary car transfers, a bath butler and a technology butler, and babysitting services. The hotel is pet friendly, too. But it all comes at a price. Even though long-term stays discount a suite price by as much as 50 percent, it is certainly for the rich and, what with Boston’s busy film industry, perhaps the famous, too.

“Well, I could tell you stories,” teases Macaluso of just who has rented. “But we don’t typically talk about it, because of privacy for our guests.”

But what’s it cost?

Taj Boston’s luxury suite rentals range from Luxury Park View Suites to the Presidential Suite, with around 700 to 1,540 square feet of living space. Pricing varies on size and length of stay. From: $10,500-$75,000 per month, with a 30-day minimum stay required. For more info: www.LiveatTaj.com.

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