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LIVE: Watch President Obama get interviewed by YouTube stars, prove he’s hip with it

President Obama, never one to back down from connecting with the youth of America, will be engaged in a live interview on YouTube with three of the video streaming website’s biggest “stars”Thursday at 5pm.

Don’t feel bad if you have no clue who any of these people are, even this Web producer (a pretty hip with it 24-year-old) had to look these folks up.

So, in case you run into a youth and need to sound like you know who these people are, here’s a little cheat guide:

Business Insider once described Bethany Mota as a “relentlessly upbeat and bouncy” person with videos that “evoke a 13-year-old girl’s G-rated fantasy of life at 18.” So just take a second to try and picture all of that asking the President questions, and then continiue reading.

Ya’ good? Great.

Mota got her start making YouTube “haul” videos, in which the youth go shopping and then show off their “haul” to their audience. Mota’s videos now cover everything from fashion and makeup, to cooking and anti-bullying. As of this article she has8,119,168 subscribers to her channel and a net 638,845,147 video views.

GloZell Green: comedian, cinnamon challenge taker, and self-proclaimed Queen of YouTube is another YouTube personality that will be sitting with the President, and she also happens to be the one we are most scared/excited for.

Most of Green’s videos are of her comedy antics and always feature her trademark opening line of “is you ok? Is you good? ‘Cuz I wanted to know.”

We can’t really find the words to summarize Ms. Green any further, so here are some GIFs from her videos that will hopefully fill in the blanks.

Hank Green co-operates the YouTube channel ‘vlogbrothers’ with his brother, and author of ‘The Fault In Our Stars,’ John Green. The brothers talk about everything and anything on their channel, and (according to NPR) also use their channel to help raise over one million dollars for several charities.

They also use their channel to make videos about farts.

Nice work reaching out for that youth demographic, Mr. President! We hope the interview goes well.

Watch the interview live on the player below:

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