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Living space for the Modern Age at Trinity-Bellwoods townhomes

Artistic refinement comes to life at Trinity Bellwoods with a high-end design that celebrates contemporary appeal.

Full of drama and drawing on supremely modern sensibilities, the multilevel freehold townhome model unit treats each design element as part of an overall artistic whole.

Designer Elaine Cecconi worked closely with the architect on elements like the placement of windows to maximize daylight and privacy and to ensure a unified look.

“We wanted to get away from a conventional use of space and treated the suite as a piece of art. It’s a clean, simple, unadorned look. Nothing is frivolous, everything is purposeful. It’s contemporary design at its most refined, I think,” Cecconi said.
In the kitchen, floating cabinets give a sense of freedom to traditionally clunky wall storage.

Countertop edges are bevelled so their thickness is hidden, and surfaces and materials are picked to make the overall design feel sculpted.

“The amount of storage in this whole space is phenomenal yet it doesn’t feel cluttered. Some of the cabinets are open, some are closed, some are floating — I think there’s a beautiful balance of space and storage, light and dark,” Cecconi said.

The bathroom features a stand-alone tub that acts as the artistic focal point, a custom sink and a separate shower as well as a continuation of the open cabinetry design. In the master bedroom, Cecconi placed an impressive wall unit that combines bed, night table and sofa to create an ordered, modern look.

Sharp lines and sharp contrasts throughout the model unit work to give the space a strong dramatic feel softened only by tidbits of gentle neutral accents. It’s a look meant deliberately to stretch the boundaries of modern design and reveal the versatility of the space to potential buyers.

“It’s easy to visualize something that’s less dramatic so we always demonstrate the most dramatic palette and leave it to the purchaser to decide if they want to pull back. Our design is very bold yet I don’t find it aggressive — I think it’s a perfect balance,” Cecconi said.

Meet the condo

  • WHAT Trinity Bellwoods Town+Homes
  • BUILDER Urban Capital Property Group and Shram Homes
  • LOCATION Claremont St. & Manning Ave., just northest of Trinity Bellwoods Park
  • WEBSITE trinitytowns.com
  • PHONE 416-537-4994
  • SIZES & PRICING 1,900 – 2,700 sq. ft. units from $829,000 — $1,250,000

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