While most New Yorkers were comfortably asleep in their beds, about 100 people were stranded for four hours on an N train early this morning in Coney Island after service was suspended due to the snow.

Eva Mahoney, 56, who works at a law firm, was trying to connect to the D at 2 a.m. when the train stopped at Stillwell Avenue.

Because no trains or buses were running in either direction, passengers had a choice: Either stay on the train or take their chances in the snow.
As MTA employees tried to evict the straphangers, passengers had to fight to

stay on the train, their only -- although miserable -- option.

MTA employees told passengers to take a car service -- ­ a laughable idea, she said, when snow was pouring down and some had miles to go.

"They didn't have a solution," she said. "They just wanted us to go."

She spent the four hours awake.

"It was hard to sleep," she said, adding, "It was a hard time."

An MTA spokesman confirmed that the train was at the station from 2 a.m., when service was suspended, to when it was restored at 6 a.m.

"'Stuck' is a poor choice of words," spokesman Kevin Ortiz said.

MTA employees told passengers to stay on the train for warmth, Mahoney said, although no extra blankets or help was provided. Heat was on in the train. This morning's incident brings to mind when a hundred people were stuck on an A train for six hours during the Dec. 26 blizzard; that time, the passengers said they did not have heat on the freezing train.

"People were upset," Mahoney said, who had to turn right back around at 6 a.m. and go into Manhattan ­ to work on no sleep after a night on the subway.

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