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21 young adults arrested during MBTA Youth Pass protest

Twenty-one teens and young adults were arrested Monday night for refusing to disperse during an MBTA Youth Pass protest at MassDOT headquarters.

Protesters demonstrating outside the MassDOT building. Photo: Thandi Farley/Twitter Protesters demonstrating outside the MassDOT building. Photo: Thandi Farley/Twitter

Twenty-one MBTA Youth Passprotestersare due to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on Thursday for failing to disperse from the fourth floor of a downtown office building hours after the Department of Transportation closed its doors for the day.

According to State Police, 11 women and 10 men from the Youth Affordability Coalition were arrested for trespassing during a peaceful sit-in at Transportation Secretary Richard Davey's office. Protesters had been at the office for hours demanding a T pass that would allow people between the ages of 12 and 21 to ride the system for $10 per month.


The protesters had been warned that arrests were imminent if they did not leave the building, police said. The arrests happened without incident, and the protesters were released on $40 bail.

"The State Police acknowledge and respect the right of the public to peacefully assemble," police said in a press statement. "Once the demonstrators had their opportunity to speak their concerns, and the offices closed for the day, their continued presence on the fourth floor constituted trespassing."

The Youth Affordability Coalition did not immediately return a request for comment.

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