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PETA, SPCA of Westchester, others offer up to $23,250 in cat killing case

PETA, the SPCA of Westchester and other animal rights groups are offering up to $23,250 for information in the Yonkers cat killing case.

dead cats tree yonkers Twenty-five dead cats were found hanging in plastic bags on a tree in Yonkers.
Credit: SPCA of Westchester

PETA, the SPCA of Westchester and other animal rights groups are joining forces to offer up to $23,250 in the horrific Yonkers cat killing case during which officers found 25 cats hanging from a tree in plastic bags.

The SPCA of Westchester’s Executive Director, Shannon Laukhuf announced on Tuesday that the organizations will offer a significant reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of an individual or individuals in the killing of the cats.

“The SPCA is very grateful to the following animal welfare organizations who have responded to our Humane Law Enforcement investigation with generous offers of rewards,” Laukhuf said in a statement. The organizations include PETA at $5,000, the ASPCA at $5,000, the Humane Society of the United States at $5,000, the Animal Legal Defense Fund at $5,000, the Defense of Animals Fund at $2,500 and Alley Cat Allies at $750.00.

“These significant rewards highlight the horrific nature of this crime, and we are hopeful that the offer of this money will create an incentive for individuals with pertinent information on the case to come forward,” said Laukhuf.


A local veterinarian who performed necropsies on three of the cats found that they died of blunt trauma to the head. It is believed that all of the cats, who ranged from kittens to adults, died of the same cause. Police found a baseball bat, two shovels and a metal pipe in the area.

"Cases such as this one show how vulnerable cats become when left outside to fend for themselves — the results can be deadly," said PETA Director Martin Mersereau in a statement. "The community should be deeply concerned because studies show that those who commit violent acts against animals often go on to pose a serious threat to all animals, including humans."

Anyone with information to offer call the SPCA’s Confidential Hotline at 914-941-7797.

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