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5 Pointz demolition begins in two weeks

5 Pointz, the so-called "graffiti Mecca" in Long Island City, will soon be completely gone.

5 Pointz, the so-called "graffiti Mecca"in Long Island City, will soon be completely gone.

Demolition of the outdoor art exhibit will begin in the next two weeks, according to the site's developer and owner.

Jerry Wolkoff, who owns the 200,000 square feet of warehouses in Queens, told LIC Post that he hopes to have the building completely leveled by October.


Last November, Wolkoff ordered a whitewashing of 5 Pointz, saying that he wanted to spare future pain.[embedgallery id=255954]

"Imagine every time a bulldozer goes by and another piece goes —I'd imagine it'd be torture to them, the artists," Wolkoff said last fall. "If I were able to blow up the building one time, I would."

Wolkoff plans to turn the site into luxury housing. The new development will include 32,100 feet of public space and a park honoring the site's artistic past. There will also be art studios and 10,000 square feet of space designated for aerosol art.

5 pointz 5pointz long island city graffiti 5 Pointz before the warehouses were whitewashed last fall.
Credit: Metro/Lenyon Whitaker

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