cash Police are searching for two men who broke into a Middleborough ATM machine and stole $51,000 on Tuesday. Credit: Metro file photo

Police are searching for two thieves who stole $51,000 from an ATM in Middleborough over the weekend.

The Harbor One ATM, located on Harding Street, was broken into by two men who were familiar with the structure and design of ATMs.


“They entered through the rear, and once inside they were able to disable the alarms,” Middleborough Police Detective Robert Lake told the Boston Globe.

After crippling the security system, the men pried open the back door of the ATM and then cut off the back of the machine in order to snatch the cash.

Police Chief Bruce D. Gates told the Brockton Enterprise that since the thieves were so familiar with the machines, the theft appears to be an inside job. He added that though the theft took place over the weekend, nobody noticed anything was off until Monday morning.

The men were described as husky with dark clothing.

Anyone with information should contact the Middleborough Police Department at 508-947-1212.

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