Megan Doto. Credit: Facebook Megan Doto. Credit: Facebook

The funeral of Megan Doto, 26, and her newborn baby daughter, Nicoletta Rose, will be funded in part by an online crowd-funding campaign.

Doto was nine months pregnant when a stray bullet hit her in the face as she sat outside her house on Sept. 14 on Adams Avenue in Frankford. Doctors performed an emergency C-section, but Nicoletta Rose only survived for 12 hours.

"Nicoletta fell asleep in her paternal grandmother's arms, joining her mother in heaven," the family's gofundme page states. "Family members and friends are left deeply grieving their loss. There will be a funeral this Saturday, but it costs money that neither family has to spare. Please consider giving any amount as a way of showing them love and support."


Through the page, he family has raised more than $5,000 in one day. Extra funds will be put into an account for Doto's two surviving children.

Visit the "Funeral Expense Doto-Cooper" fundraising page at GoFundMe.Com.

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