A play supported in part by the group behind the mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero was axed last night just hours before curtain call.

Several 9/11 family members objected to the Cordoba Initiative’s involvement in “Performing Tribute,” a play about six personal narratives of 9/11. The Cordoba Initiative, a major backer of the Park51 mosque, secured space for the play at the Interchurch Center in Harlem.

“None of us object to ‘Performing Tribute,’” said Rosaleen Tallon, 39, who led the charge against the play. “We did not want 9/11 manipulated by the Cordoba Initiative.” Tallon lost her brother in 9/11.

Tallon said she and dozens of others opposed to the mosque would have attended the performance.

“Nobody can know why they canceled it, but I personally think they were afraid of controversy,” said Tallon.

Donna Kaz, the director of the play, insisted the play was canceled due to overcrowding.

“Some people think the Muslim community is insensitive to 9/11, and that’s not true,” said Kaz. “This was a way to start a dialogue.”

“They canceled an event because too many people wanted to attend? I’ve never heard that one before, but I’m glad it’s canceled,” said Peter Gadiel, whose son died in 9/11.