Finding the best deal on food and drink can be crucial for college students and young professionals still wanting to socialize while being able to pay off mounting student loans.

“We’re college students, so we’re pretty interested in how can we save money,” said Tyler Smith, a Northeastern University senior. “It’s one of our main focuses.”

It can be difficult to find the best deals, especially with the state’s ban on a “happy hour.” But Smith recently took it upon himself to launch a website that lists the best barroom deals in the region.

The website,, also shows how bars are finding their way around the state ban.

Because liquor regulations don’t allow for a variation in drink prices during a day or in a calendar week, establishments offer the specials such as $2 Miller Lites or $5 Pabst pitchers throughout the entire day. Deals that traditionally lasted only a few hours in the afternoons are now regulated to be in effect through the opening and closing time of an establishment.

“I think having a happy hour would get a lot more people in here after 5, but we just work with it,” said Ashlee Forsyth, a manager at Symphony 8.

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