Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane. Credit: provided Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane. Credit: provided

Gene Stilp, a political activist and candidate for the Pennsylvania State House, has filed ethics complaints based on the findings of an undercover sting that was dropped by the attorney general after discovering political corruption.

Stilp is asking for formal investigations after filing complaints with the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission and the Ethics Committee in the House of Representatives, the Inquirer reported.

The complaints refer to an undercover sting of Philadelphia officials that was dropped under Attorney General Kathleen Kane, after being initiated in 2010 by Gov. Tom Corbett when he was sitting attorney general.


The probe revealed that State Rep. Louise Bishop, State Rep. Ronald G. Waters, State Rep. Michelle Brownlee, State Rep. Vanessa Brown, and former Traffic Court Judge Thomasine Tynes all received sizable donations which they did not report as required by law from a lobbyist who was in fact an undercover operative.

Kane defended shutting down the sting Monday as arising from the facts that the undercover lobbyist was not reliable and the sting only targeted black officials.

The sting was first revealed in an Inquirer cover story on Friday.

Bishop allegedly received $1,500. Waters allegedly received $7,650. Brownlee allegedly received $3,500. Brown allegedly received $4,000. Tynes allegedly received a Tiffany’s bracelet worth $2,000.

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