The domestic violence homicides in the gay community that have occurred in the state over the last few months are alarming advocates who said that more focus must be put on the issue that affects not just one type of relationship.

“Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate,” said Iain Gill of the Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project. “The only difference is the barriers and lack of resources and homophobia from providers.”

Advocates from various groups planned a vigil at the Boston Common Thursday night in response to the domestic violence homicides in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. One of the most recent killings involved Casey Taylor, 36, who was stabbed and his remains were stuffed under a Winthrop porch this summer. John Lacoy, 47, pleaded not guilty to the killing. Authorities said the men were romantically involved in a “volatile relationship.”

Advocates said the vigil was in part meant to help start a discussion about the issue, which has been a taboo subject even within the LGBTQ community.


“The key to ending domestic violence lies in community acknowledging that it happens and supporting the efforts to end it,” said Tre’Andre Valentine, director of organizing and education at The Network/La Red. “We are calling on community members to recognize partner abuse as a problem that must be transformed, not silenced.”

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